S*Absolut Coon's Unni (Sally)
MCO fs 22

Born: 2018-12-30




Vargtass och Queen Bee (Elsa) had five kittens december 30 2018.
We decided to keep Sally as this was the last litter of Vargtass.


Sire: GIC Magic Lake Vargtass, MCO ns 09 22
Dame: CH S*Absolut Coon's Queen Bee (Elsa), MCO f 23
HCM-test 29 apr 2021: Tested and cleared of HCM
HCM-test 8 jan 2020: Tested and cleared of HCM
HD-test 19 nov 2019: Normal/Normal
HCM Gentest (MybPC3): N/N
SMA Gentest: N/N
Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: N/N